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Service Learning: Shrinking the Globe using ‘Skype’

So what if  you can’t be in another part of the world.  The world is now smaller than what meets the eye–thanks to ‘skype.’   Over the next 2 weeks, I will be using this cool tool to teach a series of 3 lessons to the children of Promise in Calcutta, India.  Using ‘dual language’ texts (Bengali -to-English), the idea is to read a fable, a text on sports, and a math text.  All three are picture books.  After I read it to them in both languages, we’ll discuss the themes. The teachers there will create charts and then the children will create multi-genre written texts.

So hopefully this will be an enriching experience for all of us.  I know for sure it’ll make me more tech savvy, and hopefully I will be able to upload some snapshots of it.


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