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Boxed In

on July 25, 2012

The sparks flying around at the CWP—-let your inner self out, is the message everyday. Good for both parties involved—teachers & students. Loved Ellynne’s question:

What creates literacy competence?

Mulling all the way home, over dinner, more writing tonight…

It just struck me we should treat the disease and not the symptoms.

But how???

concerted efforts on all our parts?


One response to “Boxed In

  1. kgm83 says:

    I am still mesmerized by the information you shared in your presentation today. I truly admire and connect with your commitment to education and giving back to humanity in general.

    Great realization- we should definitely be treating the disease and not just the symptoms. We need to start recognizing that the symptoms are not the result of isolated illnesses, but rather they are all connected to a deeper issue.

    I think treatment starts with diagnosis; we need to acknowledge the real issues at the core. We have to keep going back to the doctors with our complaints, try to self- diagnosing, becoming more knowledgeable about our disease, and then going in to the doctor’s office demanding the specific tests and treatment we know we need. Then if that doesn’t work, we sue for malpractice and open our own treatment center.

    I love your vision and I hope I can get my students and others involved. See you tomorrow. Happy writing.


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