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Australia, July 2012

Australia, July 2012

19th Annual International Boys’ School Coalition Conference, Melbourne
at Scotch College, unearthing creativity with digital tools
is the mantra of the 21st century
NY to LA=6 hours—then, 15 more
I arrive having lost two days
in winter 60 degrees and sunny
skybus to Hotel Renaissance
meeting and greeting of incoming
action research team and straight
to pre-conference workshops 8 to 5
intellectual stimulation to evening
hair-downs, exchanging ideas
with a global flair—speakers that
sharpen my brain-cells, to a seven course
dinner Scottish style with bagpipers
at the mecca of cricket the
Melbourne Cricket Ground;

New friends, writing, making thinking visible
Presenting my workshop with a ‘PD’ spin—gaining
a certificate of contribution
Grayline tours to the penguin parade
where the Bass Strait and Southern Ocean meet
koalas, wallabies, the Great Ocean Road
dramatic, dangerous, majestic Twelve Apostles
250 kilometers of the world’s most scenic route
and I returned home on the same day
full of stunning experiences to carry me through.

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Another Hate Act: Is this the Real United States?

Yet 6 more Sikhs are gunned down when they join in peaceful prayer. Yet again, the action committed more due to ignorance or hate? A question that nags or should as so many immigrants come to this country to make a new start…the melting pot that was…can’t take the salad bowl idea into consideration. Children ask Why, oh Why??
We adults have no answer…or should we be more united in finding an answer to educate…so the masses stop dwelling in the idea that
Ignorance is bliss…
let’s unite and pray…

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