messy + free-flowing= to know is not enough


I am an action researcher, approaching life through these lenses…passionate about education and social justice issues, children and their rights to a good education, reading and writing genres from the conventional to pop culture, keeping fit through creative workouts, a ‘foodie’ trying new and varied  foods, investigating my surroundings using different learning styles–inter-and-intra personal, artistic, naturalistic, ethical to name a handful. A teacher and a literacy professor, I think a formulaic version of this might look like:

Unconventional Theory of Life & Teaching the Lifelong Joys of Reading & Writing = Creativity + Aesthetics + Conventionalism + Risk-Taking + Making Mistakes

This is a collaborative venture, where everyone who is passionate about any topic are invited to take a risk and post their reflections, from where discussions can emanate and help all growing professionals develop an ever-evolving body of knowledge.

Come join me in reading and writing it, and thereby, creating new genres!


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