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Teaching “CHARACTER”

on August 10, 2016

Is it possible to teach character…is it a concoction? What would a formula look like??

1 cup of ‘Wis-ledge’ (wisdom+knowledge) + 4 tbsp Courage + 5 tbsp Humanity & Justice + 2 tbsp Temperance + 2 tbsp Transcendence = CHARACTER


Grit + Hope + Self-Control + Curiosity + Social Intelligence + Gratitude + Zest = CHARACTER

How do we as parents and educators instill in our children a GROWTH MINDSET?

The buzz as we are about to begin a new school year, continues to revolve around such issues….the reality, however, is something else, we as adults need to ask ourselves:

(1) Should WE (as a society) practice hitting the ‘pause’ button more often, and allow room for both ourselves and our children to REFLECT on the PROCESS, and not the PRODUCT?

(2) Should WE learn to focus on our “STRUGGLES” each day, solving a PUZZLE rather than trying to fix PROBLEMS and emerge a winner?

I think the answer lies within each one of us….If we care to DIG DEEP!


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